Adult Collections

  • AstroKnots

    The crew of the Arge 7 has landed on the surface of Ganymede, but what the crew doesn’t know and cannot suspect is that lurking below the moon’s surface sexy danger awaits them! What titillating monsters will Commander Brinks and mission specialists Cheong and Alvarez encounter? Will they survive their alien paramours to warn the rest of humanity? Discover the shocking truth lying in wait on one of Jupiter’s 79 moons: the truth that in space, no one can hear you cream!

    AstroKnots is an adult comic intended only for mature audiences. 18+ readers only.

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  • Demon Layer: The First Codex

    Demon Layer is an adult comic following Sister Chasity Hart who has been tasked with conquering the demons of Hell. She quickly finds that she really REALLY likes “conquering” said lusty demons.

    The First Codex is 17 pages NOW EXPANDED TO 24 PAGES of hellishly sexy fun!

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  • 31 Days of Demons

    A .pdf collection of 31 frightenly sexy demons drawn every day through the month of October 2020. Adults only.

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